Thursday, 3 March 2016

Diagonal Science, the new album by Black Helicopters now available

I can't quite believe this is finally done - I've been working on it off and on with Whitney Bluzma (who's also a member of ILL) for I don't know how long - but we have an ALBUM. Hoping to get it out on vinyl and/or CD at some point but for now it's pay what you want on Bandcamp.

Thanks to Luca Corda (who we borrowed from Locean and Groves) for some inspired drumming at short notice, and to John Tatlock for doing a great job of mixing, mastering and generally making the thing cohere. 

I realise it might seem a bit lazy to re-use the artwork from out first, deleted EP, but all the tracks from it reappear on the album, albeit in much-evolved forms. The lyrics were very much influenced by some of the things I've been writing about on here lately.