Monday, 10 August 2009

The Birds who Flew Beyond Time

Amazing kids' book illustrations by Thetis Blacker for The Birds who Flew Beyond Time by Anne Baring, found at the International Children's Digital Library. I can't find much else on Blacker, but her paintings were comissioned for and shown in cathedrals, she originally intended to be an opera singer, and she died in 2006.


  1. James, a great find! I especially love the bird fourth from the top. I feel your frustration in finding these great artists and then being able to learn nothing about them.

    Thanks also for your kind words about AJRMS. It is damn time-consuming, but still fun for now.

    Yours in excavation,

  2. Cheers Will, AJRMS is (along with Bibliodyssey) for me the first stop in image-hunting. Well worth the effort.

  3. Stopping back here I'm surprised to see my comments - surprised because I don't own this book yet. A must-buy if I ever did see one! Thanks again, will keep trying to send folks your way.