Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jan & Eva

His animated films may be widely regarded as some of the best ever made, but it's remarkably hard to find examples of the graphic art and sculpture of Jan Švankmajer. I recently ordered Baradla Cave, a novel by his wife and collaborator Eva Švankmajerová, which features some of his collages.

The great but long-defunct blog Giornale Nuovo has other images, including some of his sculptures (click on the images for links).

Baradla Cave also features a couple of coloured crayon drawings by Švankmajerová.

Her poster for Švankmajer's Alice:

Finally, found at the ever-astonishing A Journey Round My Skull, an image by Švankmajerová from their collaborative book Anima Animus Animation (which I would really like to get hold of).

If you haven't seen any of Švankmajer's films, maybe start with this one.

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