Monday, 25 October 2010

Strange Attractor

This will be old news to some readers, but the Strange Attractor Press has been "celebrating unpopular culture" for a number of years, with both print and audio releases. I haven't heard any of the latter yet, but I recently got hold of journals two and three (the first being out of print), and although I've barely begun to dip into the second, highlights so far include a fascinating piece on ancient Peruvian monuments and the likely influence thereon of widely available hallucinogens; John Coulthart on German-American collagist Wilfried Sätty; and an article on influential film-maker, writer, choreographer and "voodoo priestess" Maya Deren.

Collages by Wilfried Sätty

Maya Deren in Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)

Also available from Strange Attractor is Welcome To Mars by London-based writer (and former Biting Tongues vocalist) Ken Hollings, which explores the gray areas between science and science fiction in the US from 1947-59, and covers vaguely similar territory to some of Adam Curtis's documentaries. Highly recommended.

The Strange Attractor blog can be found here. Forthcoming releases apparently include the overdue journal four, and a biography of Austin Osman Spare.

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