Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Hannah Höch Bilderbuch

Hannah Höch, Dumblet and Her Egg, detail

I had no idea this existed before I stumbled upon it at the Berlinische Galerie. I should obviously have been paying more attention to the Weimar blog, which also has several of Höch's paintings I hadn't seen before. She created Picture Book (Bilderbuch in the original German) in 1945, although it remained unpublished until 1985, and it contains an assortment of fantastic collage creatures accompanied by the artist's short, playfully nonsensical rhymes.


  1. I saw this book for the first time in Berlin also :) Janet's copy. I wish I'd got one now. I love the front cover because of the cut out jagged edges at the top for trees.

  2. It's actually easily available if a tad expensive:
    Makes me want to stop faffing around in Photoshop and get the scissors out...