Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Black Swan posters

These will probably be everywhere soon if they aren't already, but I couldn't resist posting them anyway. They're by La Boca, a London-based collective, and there are two more here. There might just be some hope for the film poster after all...


  1. I love these, more than the actual film!

  2. Ahem, who let you know 'bout this film via Lise?
    Heh, hopefully should have a studio visit lined up for La Boca.
    One of the few I've chosen from the UK...

  3. I absolutely hate the way film posters have become the reserve of bland, digitally retouched photographs of 'stars'. Graphic design could serve the industry so much better if this crazed notion that an actor's face has to be present were kicked into touch.

    Bravo/Brava La Boca. We need more of this!