Monday, 20 June 2011

Interview with Penny Davenport (Part 2)

You seem to allow your imagination free reign in your art. Would you consider creating less personal (or more conventional or “accessible”) work if you thought a commission was worthwhile? Or would you see that as a compromise?

In the past I have been asked to create a drawing for a job. The employer had specific ideas in mind of how it should look, I find the combination of other peoples expectations and my own inability to create under another persons set of rules or guidelines very annoying. I definitely feel more comfortable when I'm doing what i want. I suppose if you can afford not compromise then why would you want to? I think it would depend on the job. I'm not very good at what I think you mean by "accessible".

In an interview in File magazine last year you said you were working on a book of stories and poems to accompany your drawings. How is that progressing? And do you have any other projects in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

The stories I have been writing are not complete and although I enjoy the process I'm not very keen on showing them. I think in the beginning I really wanted to make a book, I like the idea of books sitting on a shelf full of treasure, so eventually, ideally I would like to see my drawings displayed in this way with some stories and poems, very short poems and stories not too dissimilar to the captions you see in old silent films. I have a new website thats taking far too long to launch, and i have about 14 new drawings almost finished. I have just started to paint again, good to dip your toe in other mediums from time to time. Hopefully I will be exhibiting some prints soon in different locations. Unfortunately I'm a lot more comfortable sat in my room drawing than chasing commissions and furthering my career!

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