Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Eugene Mihaesco

Op-Ed art by the Romanian-born illustrator Eugene Mihaesco. There appears to be next to nothing by or about Mihaesco online, other than this:

Ceausescu was enraged at the drawings. In early 1989 Mihaesco's 79-year-old father Nicolae, who lives in Bucharest, was sacked from his job, isolated from his friends and ordered to rein in his "seditious" son. "I'm crushed if you go on," Nicolae told Eugene by telephone. "They will destroy me, destroy your mother." Grasping for a solution, the artist screamed at his father -- and the eavesdropping police -- "Don't tell me what to do. I disinherit you!" Children do not disinherit parents; this artist is crazy. Or so Mihaesco hoped the Securitate would think. Soon after, his father got his job back. But Nicolae Mihaescu did not understand his son's vehemence. They have not spoken since.

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