Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Anita Siegel

Fons Van Woerkom

Edward Gorey

Anita Siegel

Mel Furukawa

Murray Tinkelman

Michaela Barasky

Roland Topor

Tomi Ungerer

Please excuse the infrequent updates for the time being; I'm trying to get as much art and music done as possible while I have the chance.

Above are a few New York Times Op-ed illustrations found in two issues of Graphis (158 and 180). Unfortunately I didn't have time to make a note of any more information before I returned them. I've always found this kind of black and white, mostly pen and ink work appealing and infinitely preferable to the slightly twee, 1950s-retro look that's so prevalent in editorial illustration nowadays. I'm also intrigued by what little I've seen of Anita Siegel's collage pieces.


  1. Hi James.
    By acident I came across the illustration by Mel Furukawa mentionend in this post. As I am quite interested in animating gears, clockworks and machines, I just decided to animate this piece as well. Please have a look and if there is any additional information you have about this artist, please let me know.
    All the best:

  2. Hi Henning, that looks great! I just had a look in Jerelle Kraus' book on Op-Ed illustration, All the Art That's Fit to Print, and there are a couple of small drawings by Furukawa in there but virtually no info. There doesn't seem to be anything much online either, sorry I can't be of more help.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks a lot anyway!
      Good to know that you like the animated version as well.