Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Chimei Hamada

Soaring, 1958

Irritating B, 1975

Dead End, 1981

Decorative work for the poetry of Hiroshi Osada II, 1973

Ghost Brought Back to Life, 1956

Landscape, 1953

A-re-re, 1974

The Japanese artist Chimei Hamada (b.1917) studied at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts before serving in the army in China during World War II. In 1950 he began a series of etchings, Elegy for a New Conscript, in which he translated his experiences of war into grotesque, satirical and hallucinatory monochrome images, some of which remind me a little of the work of Alfred Kubin or even Goya, although others are something else entirely. There isn't a great deal of his work to be seen online, but there's a few more images here, here, and here.

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